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MultiPOD is a multi-country mentoring program which expands from academic teaching and the traditional face-to-face mentor-SYP interaction to an array of long-distance mentoring combinations via Skype or any other electronic medium, which include one or more Mentors and one or more SYPs from different regions of the world.


We carefully match each individual SYP to one or more of our distinguished Mentors who willingly share their time, experience, and wisdom to help guide the next steps in the career of the assigned SYP.


Throughout this free-of-charge program, participants engage in professional development, personal growth, and technical discussions guided by specifically designed modules, which are addressed in weekly, bi-weekly, or tri-weekly sessions lasting approximately one hour each. Mentors and SYPs schedule these sessions according to their availability,  preferences and time zones.


SYPs are expected to meet screen to screen with their Mentors at least 7 to10 times during the nine months of the mentorship, which is the minimum to establish a solid, productive and  lasting SYP-Mentor relationship and achieve the SYP goals. Mid-term and final evaluations are conducted to measure participants' satisfaction, and specifically, the achievement of the goals and expected results set forth at the beginning of the mentorship.


Although most of the MultiPOD Mentoring materials are in English, our pool of Mentors includes native or highly proficient speakers of more than fifty languages to facilitate the Mentor-SYP relationship and interactions.

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