A few comments on the personal benefits of mentoring by former SYPs from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Nigeria and the United States:

Clair Schaub (Lexington/WDC, 2014-2015): "My Mentor pushed me to go beyond my comfort level and do things I would not ordinarily do... I gained self-confidence and was able to contribute to the design and development of a multi-country project addressing an innovative approach to community health."

Doug Lau (Vancouver, Canada, 2015): 

"One of the most valuable parts of my mentorship experience was the one-on-one support that I received in terms of getting ready to enter the workforce... My Mentor provided me with candid feedback on my CV and interviewing skills, all from the perspective of someone who really knows what counts to join the industry."

Kingsley Ojeikere (Lagos, Nigeria, 2016):

"The mentorship increased my knowledge of Global Health...I am now prepared more effectively for any job interview...Interaction with my Mentor made me understand my personality better...mentorships are ideal for any young professional."

Jana Kobras (Sydney, Australia, 2016): "... Phenomenal... I learnt more through the mentorship than I have learnt from any similar initiative that I have ever undertaken... Some of the best results and benefits have been related to my ability to integrate my personal experience into my professional worldview."

Mathura Mahendren (Toronto, 2016): "My Mentor has been my sounding board by first listening to what I am thinking and then asking questions to push my thinking further... There are few things more gratifying than someone seeing in you the things that you see in yourself and then calling them with conviction."

Juan Carlos Rivillas (Bogota, Colombia, 2015): "My Mentor was a key actor in the development of my research career... My mentoring program has given me the tools and knowledge that I needed for a successful application to the International Development Research Centre of Canada."

Marcela Barrios (Miami/WDC, 2014-2015): "The Mentorship program has really helped me achieve more than I thought possible within such little time... I've been able to improve my public speaking in a professional setting... I also have learned how to do a lot of grant writing."

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