Steering and Advisory Committee

The Steering and Advisory Committee (SAC) of MultiPOD Mentoring was established on November 5, 2017 to guide programmatic performance, monitor output delivery, and ensure achievement of the expected results. Its members provide advice and guidance on their areas of technical and managerial expertise and make recommendations to ensure programmatic success. In addition, SAC members act as advocates and liaison to the target clientele and to other programs, institutions, and networks sharing and supporting MultiPOD’s values, mission, and goals.


The members of MultiPOD’s SAC include four alumnae/alumni (former Mentées or "Multipodians"), four active Main Mentors, and the Program Coordinator (ex officio).

Members of SAC (2018-2019):

Andreea Badache (Multipodian, Romania/Sweden)
Brendan Bain (Mentor, Jamaica)
Claudia Castillo (Multipodian, Honduras/USA)
Alberto Concha-Eastman (Mentor, Colombia)
Lauren MacDonald (Multipodian, Canada)
Firdosi Mehta (Mentor, Canada/India)
Jai Narain (Mentor, India)
Alexandria San Jose (Multipodian, United States)
Fernando Zacarías (Ex-officio, Mexico/United States)

Members of SAC (2019-2020):

Mahdi Abdelwahab (Multipodian, Egypt)
Andreea Badache (Multipodian, Romania/Sweden)
Deepshikha Chetri (Multipodian, India)
Alberto Concha-Eastman (Mentor, Colombia)
Sue Griffey (Mentor, United States)
Lauren MacDonald (Multipodian, Canada)
Firdosi Mehta (Mentor, India/ Canada)
Giorgi Pkhakadze (Mentor, Georgia/France)
Fernando Zacarías (Ex-officio, Mexico/ United States)

Members of SAC (2020-2021)

Mahdi Abdelwahab (Multipodian, Egypt)

Kofi Adasi (Mentor, Ghana)

Ron Anderson (Mentor, Canada)

Xyomara Chavez (Multipodian, Peru)

Deepshikha Chhetri (Multipodian, India)

Sue Griffey (Mentor, United States)

Michele Matta (Multipodian, Lebanon)

Giorgi Pkhakadze (Mentor, Georgia)

Fernando Zacarías (Ex-officio, Mexico)

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