Requirements for admission

In 2021 (our fifth year in operation and sixth since MultiPOD’s foundation), we expect to have the following categories and number of participants:

1) Students and Young Professionals (SYPs): limited to 70
2) Main Mentors (MMs): 60 total, including 22 new MMs
3) Mentor Advisors (MAs): unlimited number
4) Peer Advisors (PAs): unlimited number

5) Institutional and Country Contacts (ICCs): unlimited number



1) Students and Young Professionals (SYPs) from any discipline must be:

a) Accomplished academically and/or professionally
b) Far above average (compared to their peers)
c) Proficient in written and verbal communication in one official United Nations language: Arabic, 

Chinese, English, French, Russian, or Spanish. Being able to work in one or more additional languages will give candidates a competitive advantage to enter the program.

Please note that MultiPOD’s working language is English.
d) Committed to being usefuleffective, and successful during the mentorship and in their professional life
e) Under 35 years of age

In addition, a special talent, skill or accomplishment (of any kind) is considered an asset (for example, in the Classes of 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 we had concert musicians, national sports champions, dancers, published writers, chefs, professionals singers, painters, multilingual communicators, poets, inventors, mountain climbers, youth leaders, entrepreneurs, etc.) 

Upon acceptance to MultiPOD Mentoring, SYPs must agree to comply with two programmatic absolute requirements:
a) To meet with their Main Mentor (screen to screen) via Skype or other video conferencing method a minimum of seven to ten times in nine months, approximately one session per month)

b) To respond promptly to the three brief initial, mid-term, and final evaluations.


2) Main Mentors (MMs) (also from any discipline) must be:
a) Successful in their professional careers (as role models for their SYPs); 
b) Knowledgeable of the main concepts and one or more disciplines related to global health and/or human development; 
c) Experienced, with at least 15 years of professional or academic work nationally or internationally.
d) Proficient in one official United Nations language: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, or Spanish. Additional languages will be considered an asset.

Please note that MultiPOD’s working language is English.
e) Empathetic, helpful, and attentive to the needs of their SYPs.

Upon acceptance to MultiPOD Mentoring, Main Mentors must agree and commit to fulfilling the program's only two requirements:
a) To meet with their Mentée via Skype or other video conferencing method at least seven to ten times in nine months (approximately one session per month),
b) To respond promptly to the three brief initial, mid-term, and final evaluations.



3) Mentor Advisors (MAs) (from any discipline) must have:

Ten or more years of successful professional, academic or research experience and provide one to four consultations per year in their areas of expertise. MAs have no SYPs assigned to them.


4) Peer Advisors (PAs) (from any discipline) must be:
Outstanding former MultiPOD Mentées, SYPs from other international mentoring programs and/or networks, and referred or invited top-level students and young professionals who no longer need a Mentor but are willing to advise other SYPs. The PAs role and time commitment to the program are similar to those of MAs (one to four sessions per year)


Institutional and Country Contacts (ICCs):

ICCs are the point of access to specific information and orientation (and perhaps facilitation) of an SYP’s entrance to an organization, institution or academic center. (e.g. UNDP, MSF, Cambridge, ECDC, etc.), or to work in a particular country, region or area of the world. These professionals will provide information and their punctual advice on an “as needed” basis, but will be recognized as participants and full members of MultiPOD Mentoring.

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