• Fernando Zacarias

Seven Decades of Change

Dear Multipodian:

This is a proposal for a research project:

“An Intergenerational and Multinational View of the World"

Objective: To gather and analyze the insights of MultiPOD members of five generations on the most important issues and changes they have witnessed in their countries and the world during their life time.

Question: Are there differences in the insights of participants by generation, country of origin, gender, discipline, etc. on the events witnessed and the issues addressed in the survey?

Methods: 1) Study designed by a team of six-eight Multipodians; 2) participation of x number of members from each generation which will give their personal insights and opinions on each decade through survey forms and/or structured interviews on:

a) One or two international and national events of major significance;

b) Current and new technology available in their country during that decade;

c) Social, economic, environmental and political issues that they perceived as important at the time;

d) Major health issues, risks, and threats to health at the time;

e) Education, food security and work opportunities for themselves, family members and their “communities” at the time;

f) Any legal and/or human rights issues affecting them, their families and/or their communities at the time.

The decades included in the study are the following: 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s. Participants will contribute their insights on what they experienced and remember from the first decade of their lives to 2010-2019.

Results: To be produced.

H0 = no differences.

Analysis: By the same team who designed the study.

Limitations: Not too many (maybe sample size if this were a scientific study). This is only preliminary, anecdotal, exploratory research. Of course, the study will be biased (opinions), but that’s what we expect.

Bibliography and references: Post facto (we’ll rely on individual subjective recollections and opinions which might then be validated or supported through sources of information (black, grey or white).

Preparation and publication of document: After preliminary analysis, the results will be discussed in a “clarifying” webinar attended by as many participants in the study as possible (and perhaps other members of MultiPOD). A team of three rapporteurs/writers will prepare a document to be submitted for electronic or print publication in a major international technical/scientific journal or a wide circulation international newspaper as an article, editorial, or opinion page.

What do you think? Shall we proceed? Would you be willing to participate? Please let us know.

Thank you for reading this; comment, if you wish, DZ


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