• Fernando Zacarias

Moving Through Time...

Dear Multipodian:

A nice to know fact: Our Mentors and Mentées at MultiPOD represent five generations:

Silent generation (1928-1945): Program Coordinator (born at the very end of WWII)

Baby Boomers (1946-1964): Most Mentors

Generation x (1965-1980): Many Mentors and a few Mentées

Millennials (Generation y) (1981-1996): Almost all Mentées and two Mentors:

Generation z (1997- present): Our two youngest Mentées

(There’s an as-yet-unnamed new Generation starting in the 2010s)

Another fact: Ours are not biological generations. We are sociological and technological and ideological generations, shaped by evolving genotypes and phenotypes and different internal and external events, to which we respond according to the times and our own social, familial and personal circumstances.

However, our generations share enduring common values and are impacted by similar local and worldwide political, environmental and economic forces despite our age differences.

Time moves us relentlessly towards the globalization of culture, lifestyle, technology, information and communication including, many times, the adoption of foreign food, life style, attire, forms of entertainment, and lingua franca.

What does this mean? How can we give these facts some meaning? What is their value? What can we do? What should we do?

Our five MultiPOD generations tell us that we are already moving through time and that in a few more years, we’ll be ready to start a legacy cascade, one legacy after another. Why not start now?

Why not engage in preliminary in-house research? Why not generate new knowledge?

I have a proposal for a MultiPOD research project (in the next installment).

Thank you for reading this; comment if you wish, DZ


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