• Fernando Zacarias

All Forms of Intelligence are Welcome

Updated: May 24, 2019

Dear Multipodian:

All of us at MultiPOD are intellectual workers. This means that we use our brain to do our job. We all know that there are many types and manifestations of intelligence; i.e. logical-mathematical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, spatial, naturalistic, bodily-kinesthetic, existential, musical, and maybe more, yet to be uncovered and defined.

I am not talking about IQ - intelligence quotient - we are all in safe territory there (and that’s why we are here), nor about the discoveries of neuroscience and neuropsychiatry regarding the structure, genetics, and location of intelligence (many of those roads and bridges are yet to be walked on, and most starting points and destinations are still elusive).

Here's the important question, namely, what is it that we do as intellectual workers? An easy answer: we memorize and then compare facts, ideas, perceptions, visions, intuitions, temporalities, movements, notes and tones, anticipations, even without being aware that that’s what we are doing. We store information and knowledge...and then we ponder and judge. Fast. Slow. As needed.

Knowledge and judgement, these key words, our science, our doctrine.

Not enough. To be useful and effective, we need to apply our science and follow our doctrine. This means to make decisions and take action guided by as many of our intelligences as necessary, to achieve our individual and collective goals.

Which we will.

Now, some people have asked me “How come that the ‘cast of characters’ at MultiPOD is so diverse?” Another easy answer: At MultiPOD, we have linguists, athletes, mathematicians, poets, teachers, dancers, painters, philosophers, magicians, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and doers, who also happen to live and breathe the science, policy and practice of Global Health and Human Development.

And I also have an even easier but more forceful - answer:

Because to fulfill MultiPOD’s mission, all intelligences are needed…

…and all intelligences are welcome.

Thank you for reading this; comment, if you wish, DZ


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