Principles and MIssion

MultiPOD’s Values (Excellence, Respect, Equity, Integrity, and Solidarity) are our guiding light and foundation, and the source of our strength and commitment.

MultiPOD's Vision and long-term expectation is the improvement and maintenance of global health and development across the world, country-by-country and community-by-community.

MultiPOD’s Mission is to enhance the capacity and skills of future leaders and practitioners of Global Health through the personal and intensive mentoring of talented students and young professionals (SYPs) who want to affirm their technical knowledge, strengthen their personal growth, and accelerate their career development.

MultiPOD’s Hope is to help produce a multi-country and multi-generational critical mass of highly qualified and motivated Global Health practitioners, scientists, and innovators, who will apply creative methods and technology to devise and carry out effective solutions for long-standing and emerging health problems; generate knowledge; improve health and social policy and services; and train, mentor, and support successfully new and dynamic cohorts of Global Health and Development practitioners across the world.

MultiPOD’s Objectives:
Immediate: To speed up and strengthen the professional development, personal growth, and  technical ability of Global Health students and young professionals (SYPs) through the personal guidance and support of top-qualified and experienced Mentors during the nine-month MultiPOD Mentoring program.

Long-term: To create in this decade, a creative and effective multicountry, multidisciplinary, and multicultural “collective intelligence” think tank of exceptional young leaders, innovators, and high–quality practitioners of Global Health and Human Development committed and capable of addressing successfully the health and development problems confronting humankind in the XXI century.

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