Our Class of 2019


The 47 students and young professionals joining MultiPOD Mentoring in 2019 are graduates or students from world-renown academic institutions and global health programs (e.g. Cambridge, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Harvard, Sao Paulo, Johns Hopkins, Maastricht, Mumbai, Karolinska, American University of Beirut, Gothenburg, Mahidol, Barcelona, Toronto, Ain Shams, and others). We are also proud of the fact that our former Mentées are still the main source of recruitment, as most of our new SYPs (71%) came to the program through referral by friends and colleagues.

On the other hand, MultiPOD’s cadre of 41 Mentors continues to expand with the addition of Mentor Advisors with expertise in specific areas and disciplines of Global Health and Human Development. These Mentor Advisors are available to all SYPs for consultations and additional support, which is also a unique feature of our program.

1) Gender: This year, women and men represented 37% and 63% respectively, of all Mentors; and 73% and 27% respectively, of all SYPs. These gender disparities among older and younger generations reflect the increasing opportunities and the strong desire of young female students to enter the field of Global Health and Human Development. 

2) Geographic distribution:  In 2019, our 88 Mentors and SYPs were born in or are currently working or studying in 70 different countries:

Central and West Africa: Cameroon, DR Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo

East and South Africa: Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia


North Africa: Egypt, Tunisia

Middle East: Iran, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen

North America: Canada, Mexico, United States 

Central America: Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama

South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru

English, French, and Dutch Caribbean: Haiti, Suriname,Trinidad and Tobago

Western Europe: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Switzerland

Northern Europe: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

Southern Europe: Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain

Eastern Europe and Caucasus: Georgia, Romania, Ukraine

Central Asia: Uzbekistan

South Asia: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal

South East Asia: Myanmar​

East Asia: China, Japan 



3) Academic and Professional Background: As in previous years, more than 60% of our Mentors are physicians. Among the 47 SYPs only five are physicians and the remaining 42 young women and men have been trained in the following disciplines:
Economics, Tumor Biology and Genetics, Governance and Leadership, Psychology, Dentistry, Nursing, Microbiology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Physical Therapy, Systems Research, Business Administration, Anthropology, Transdisciplinary Research Methods, Biomedical Sciences, Epidemiology,  Pharmacy, Sociology, Law, Botany, Life Sciences, Health Economics, International Development, Business Management and Marketing, Cognitive Brain Science, Policy Analysis, Communication and Media, Biochemistry, Applied Technology, and Criminology, among others.

4) Languages: Although English is our working language, MultiPOD Mentoring's SYPs and Mentors are native speakers of or fluent in forty-five languages. These include the six official languages of the United Nations (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish), three of the newly proposed UN official languages (Bengali, Hindi, and Portuguese), and other Asian, European, and African languages (Albanian, Aramaic, Bosnian, Burmese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Ewe, Farsi, Finnish, Georgian, German, Gujarati, Hausa, Hebrew, Igede, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Marathi, Mina, Nepali, Norwegian, Polish, Rajasthani, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamil, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uzbek, and Yoruba).


2019 is the last year of MultiPOD’s three-year pilot phase. We have now two very successful outcome evaluations by the members of the Classes of 2017 and 2018 and have acquired enough insights and experience to be optimistic about the future of MultiPOD Mentoring. The next phase of the program, the creation of a "collective intelligence" network (think tank) of young people, "MultiPOD Young Thinkers and Innovators" (MPYTI), which will be launched at the World Health Summit in October of this year, is already under way. We couldn't be happier and want to share our energy and enthusiasm with you. Please join us in 2020!



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