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After more than thirty years of mentoring international students and young professionals (SYPs), I believe I have learned something about this immensely rewarding activity. This is what Mentors do:

  • transfer knowledge     

  • share experience 

  • give direction

  • point out options

  • probe thinking

  • enhance self-confidence

  • speed understanding

  • strengthen reasoning

  • trigger action,

  • ignite passion, and

  • transmit wisdom


In a few words, Mentors carry out many essential functions that go beyond the scope of formal coaching and other educational methods. Mentoring is largely "organic" and requires the development of good chemistry and a caring relationship between SYP and Mentor. By definition, Mentors are wise, generous, useful, attentive, and supportive of the expectations and aspirations of SYPs. Mentors help SYPs develop to their greatest potential to fully engage and succeed in their professional careers. 


Of course, each Mentor knows the best way to fulfill his or her role, but all Mentors understand that this interaction requires plasticity, creativity and a sense of renewal every time that a Mentor-SYP relationship begins. A good Mentor connects and tells stories about his or her own life and professional experience, and by listening and understanding, Mentées acquire wisdom that goes beyond their own chronological age. Mentoring takes place in an environment of respect and trust which facilitates exploring, explaining, challenging, and acting upon new and old ideas regarding life and work.


But this is not a one-way street. In turn, SYPs give their Mentors the reciprocal gifts of :


  • validation of their professional career

  • fulfillment and sense of usefulness

  • trust and confidence

  • respect and admiration

  • stimulus and new ideas

  • memory retrieval and fresh knowledge

  • inspiration and enthusiasm

  • strength and energy

  • help and collaboration and, especially,

  • hope for the future of global health and human development.


Ideally, the ultimate goal and highest reward for both the SYP and the Mentor is the achievement of the SYP's goal: a new job or a promotion, an advanced academic degree, a paper for publication, a proposal for funding, a research project, a consultancy for a prestigious institution, or any other major accomplishments that the SYP, with the help of his or her Mentor, wanted and worked for during and after the program.


I hope that after reading the rest of the information on our website, you will be curious and interested in the work that we do. Most importantly, we want to wholeheartedly invite you to be part of this multi-country voluntary enterprise. Please share with us your enthusiasm, your knowledge, and your commitment to a better health and to a better world.


We look forward to welcoming you to MultiPOD Mentoring in the near future*.


                                                                                           Fernando Zacarías

                                                                        Principal Mentor and Program Coordinator



*The application and registration period for the 2021 Mentoring cycle starts on November 1, 2020 and ends on January 31, 2021. The mentoring program runs from the first week of March to the first week of December, 2021. In special circumstances and depending on the availability of mentors, applicants may be admitted at any time during the mentoring cycle.

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